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About Us

Help you succeed in your digital transformation, by supporting you both in digital and in change management. Help you ensure that your transformation is not only digital, but socially responsible. Our specialties are the development and integration of web applications specific to your activity, ERP and Cloud solutions to host them. Our solutions combine, to the best of your needs and interests, tailor-made developments and existing software solutions, in complete independence and in a sustainable logic. We favor open-source solutions and in return contribute to the free software community.

Our Vision

More value and satisfaction for customers and partners better quality of life at work and compensation of employees better growth and profitability for the company We are convinced that one of the methods to achieve this is to rely on innovation, quality, decentralization, and on strong values ​​such as agility, trust, freedom, sharing and cooperation. We operate by experimentation, measurement, correction and continuous improvement, which includes the right to make mistakes on short cycles.



We offer consultancy services to our clients and work with them to understand their business scenario and requirements well, suggest best open source tools, estimate required resources to customize , develop , migrate , integrate and provide network architecture and deployment plan to customer


Install the software out of the box. To install a tier one system you spend significant amounts of time going through extensive requirements gathering sessions . Pick an industry-specific package, if possible. Utilize industry templates. One-click Cloud solutions. Free up time for your staff to participate.


ERP implementation requires training to ensure that leaders, managers and individual contributors understand the new process and can use the technology as needed.

Support Services

We provide Functional / Technical Support Services to monitor Linux Servers + ERP to make sure that there is least disruption of services (linux servers / ERP ) and provide immediate support in case of some issue arisal as our support professional will be available for help at clients business hours

Why choose Open Source?

Today open-source solutions are being adopted by enterprises as there are considerable advantages it holds over proprietary counterparts.
While there are a lot of ERP software systems available, finding a free and open source ERP software solution for small and medium enterprises can be tough. Fear not, we have found a good one – ERPNext.
ERPNext is a free and open source (FOSS) business management software for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). It may not be the best ERP software you were looking out for – but it’s definitely an impressive solution being a free and open source solution.


ERPNext comes with multiple common modules like HR, Accounting, Authorization etc. All these are connected with each other right out-of-the-box for every industry solution. ERPNext has multiple industry-specific modules too. From Manufacturing to Agriculture, ERPNext provides a wide range of solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • ERPNext can be installed on any server either standalone or in a Local Area Network (LAN). Please be aware that the customer is responsible for having a proper infrastructure for the software to be installed. Installing ERPNext on premise has some benefits as well as drawback Please inform you well before you make a decision.

  • No License Fee, ERPNext is completely free and open source software for any size business.

  • It is possible to ERPNext Software on a dedicated or hosted server (“in the cloud”) if you don’t have your own server. Installing this software in the cloud has a lot of benefits (such as being less hassle and costs for managing your own hardware)

  • Yes it is possible to run our software on Mac OS. The software is Web-based and Platform independent, It can run in any computer as well as mobile device.